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Cursed graveyard


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    Carey Black commented
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    My son and I were just discussing the idea that graveyards should be an optional area on the outskirts of a village. That seems more natural to us than as a stand alone area.

    We thought all of the following would be great additions to Minecraft:
         Add grave yards and add special features of that area.
         "Grave stones" (new one block high head stones) would mark several "special locations" called "graves" (new two block area) that could spawn skeletons. ( At a much lower rate than a spawner. Maybe one a night at midnight? ) And, the "grave" would need to have "buried bones" to spawn skeletons. Maybe the "Graveyard" could also have "unmarked graves" (lacking head stones) that would work the same way too.

          Maybe the "graves" could spawn other monsters too. Based on a buried head of the monster to be spawned. ( This way players could use the graveyard as a "custom spawner" for specific resources.)
           And maybe any mobs spawned in the graveyard during a "new moon" would have extra hearts or more powerful weapons. (And maybe better item drops too?) That would increase the likely hood of spawning "Dullahan" ( The lord of the graveyard ) too! [ We love the idea of "Dullahn"! ]

    It could be fun to sit back and see who would wins a battle between an Iron Golem and Dullahn. ( It should only soften up "Dullahn" not kill. )

    Bonus: Have Dullahan able to summon:  https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048848291-NEW-Monster-Mob-Assailants-Groves-w-Graveyards