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Ceramic Golem for the caves and Cliffs update


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    After posting this I became concerned that implementing this would make looking for ceramic shards secondary (since people would look for dig sites specifically for the golem) which is definitely not the intent of this new archeology system. A cool solution would be if you could apply the ceramic shards TO the golem. it would mean that this golem would be unique in all of Minecraft, which would instantly personalize it and make it more special to the player. And because of that, all the ceramic shards you find would be exciting, thinking about how you want to decorate the golem, rather than throwing all the extras in a chest after grinding for a golem for an hour.


    Also, I think having it be a fighting mob is unnecessary and redundant since we already have dogs and axolotls(cute btw). Instead it would be cool if they had a unique function. If the iron golem is like a villager guard, then the ceramic golem would be like an ancient village builder. It would be able to create ceramic tiles inside itself and build a wide variety of prefab structures similar to villager houses. I really think it ties in the idea of adding lore that's up to interpretation, it would incite exploration, and would be fun for technical players to work with(for ceramic farms and things). I know its a weird idea but thats the charm of minecraft, all the quirky and strange things that you can discover

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    Thomas Bonser commented
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    I rather like this idea, if at specific large sites you could unearth a golem would be amazing and be quite the reward for your precision and care, one thing i would like to know though is how it attacks, does it lob projectiles? Does it charge the enemy? I would like to know.

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    FancyBonbon08 commented
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    That’s a great idea! However, it appears that Thomas Bonser wants a new combat mechanic, so the ceramic shards can also be used to create a dagger with the durability of iron, but efficient as gold!