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Cliff Geysers


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    ButterMC5416 commented
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    You can make your own yellowstone!

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    BryleStyles commented
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    I support geysers being part of Minecraft. Such a nice particle effect can be used.

    To expand on this idea, having different levels of pressure which could portray differing particles for small to large and powerful. Have it so stone is a dominant block surrounding these geysers and a certain reason for the level of steam. Maybe something in relation to magma blocks.

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    Maxplays5704 commented
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    Expanding of off what BryleStyles said the geysers could potentially damage players if they get too close or add hot water geysers which are real to have the same affect. The normal geysers could launch the player up if say the player jumped into it, this could be really useful if paired with the elytra to give the user a hight to glide away from. Therefore this could potentially be a really cool and useful feature

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    iron golem commented
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    I did some research, and basically, geysers work by having a plumbing system underground. Water dissolves silica which builds up pressure in the plumbing system, causing the geyser to erupt. (Look up how a geyser works, there are plenty of websites explaining this). By plumbing system, I mean tunnels and chambers underground. This means geysers could connect to caves if they were added. ButterMC5416 said that we should be able to see caves underneath the geyser, but it would be more realistic to have tunnels connecting the geyser to the cave, that the player could explore. Obviously, this isn't super realistic because real geysers contain boiling water, but maybe players could explore the tunnels leading to caves while taking the risk of the geyser possibly erupting while they are in there, which would cause them to take damage.