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Compass Tracking


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    P4ngur 1 commented
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    Maybe it could be an NBT tag instead. like /give @p compass{Tracks:<playername>}

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    Set the world spawn forever to that person?

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    Cmd858 commented
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    This would be really useful for things like mapmaking. Perhaps a command like: /track <compass_name> <tracked_entity> and /track <compass_name> <location:xyz> might be a good format. (I mainly play on bedrock so NBT wouldn't really be an option)

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    Very good idea, HOWEVER I personally think that this should be CRAFTED e.g. 4 crystals and one compass can be crafted into a player tracking compass.

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    I Am Loss commented
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    I think they could make something like those copper posts theyre added to make a compass point towards it. Maybe incorporate magnet as a material in minecraft could make some really cool redstone blocks too