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Grindstone for Minecraft Dungeons


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    I definitely think not! Re-rolling it's enchantments? That would be so over-powered.

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    I don't think it should re-roll the enchants, this is what the grindstone would do:

    • It is in the lobby/camp, and it costs emeralds to use
    • It removes the enchantment points from an already-enchanted item and gives you back the item and the points
    • You must complete a mission before using the grindstone
    • You can only give it enchanted items

    The grindstone might also be with a merchant of some kind.

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    Yeah, if it re-rolls enchantments it would be extremely overpowered but like the other guy said it should be able to give you back enchantment points (de-enchant) on a piece of gear (like in Minecraft). Probably for emeralds but they might find a use for putting that scrapped diamond dust into the game as the cost.