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End Island Ruins


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    Ivy Hawkin commented
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    I love this idea! But why not in the end after you defeat the dragon?

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    I like this but they shouldn't be in the main island,

    But I like the idea of having a ruined pillars tho
    But they shouldnt spawn in the middle island

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    Corban backus commented
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    they could be on seperate islands in beetween the main island and the outer islands. Like island that flowted out of the gravitational pull of the main island.

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    fed x commented
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    I agree. They should update the end just one more time. For example. They should add purpur spikes infinitely generated so it has a better feeling to it, and in the nether update they added cracked nether bricks so I was thinking. "Hey, why doesn't PurPur have that or cracked endstone bricks?" What they should also add is a skeleton of the dragon around the world in the 2nd End. They should also add a new mob called the "ender slime" where the slime is purple (or like that endstone yellow) just to add more life to it. I have also seen someone talk about end craters, well, they should add that to the End. They should also make it so there is a 10.1% chance to see the end at night time. By that I mean, you know how you can see the moon? Well they should swap it with the end. Remember tho its only a 10.1% chance.

    If there is anything wrong tell me because this is my first time writing a community post.