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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Simple flying machines rarely naturally generate above Outer End Islands


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    Robotics5 commented
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    Why would slime & honey be in the End? Also, that doesn't seem to fit in the End at all

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    I don't know how to reply to a comment on this site; can it be done, and if so, could someone give me some pointers?

    To reply to Robotics5's comment, though, the makers of these flying machines came from the Overworld. That's why they need them at all; they can't teleport like Endermen can, and thus needed other locomotion.

    We know the player isn't the only entity that travels dimensions, such as how Witches and Villagers obviously have access to the Nether. As for the structures themselves...

    Temples have redstone traps, woodland mansions have redstone double-doors. Igloos have a secret basement with an actual tutorial on how to cure zombie villagers. Someone left behind sunken ships, broken Nether Portals, and of course the End Portal itself.

    Why couldn't someone have left behind one of the only ways to conveniently travel the End?

    Each End City only has one Elytra in an ornate treasure room, so we can assume it is a rare artifact, and unless you can teleport like Endermen, flight is the only way to move over the Void. Even with the Endermen's teleportation, they can't breach the massive gaps between many islands. Flight machines make as much sense in the End as sunken ships do in the Overworld.

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    Adds some lore, which I love.

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    This would be great as the already-advanced people who entered into the end wouldn't suddenly know how to build End ships and create the elytra in the beginning. They probably used fly machines before the those things were invented. I think these flying machines should be near End cities that don't have nearby End ships.