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For loop command blocks


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    Cooleman2007 commented
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    Already exists: repeat command block

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    Cmd858 commented
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    This could be a good idea, though it seems kinda pointless. Would you want to be able to use i like a global variable for other command arguments or maybe to iterate through a list of entities? Because /execute can use target selectors like lists, so I don't really know how this would be useful.

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    Nega Light commented
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    It's to have a for looping command block. As I stated you can do this with a repeat command but you will need at least one extra entity (and for a self establishing and canceling for loop up to 4 command block and 1 entity). You would tree it like a halfway between a plus and repeat command block it will execute the command x number of times and then stop.


    As far as the /execute command yes it can use target selectors and this would do the same but for instance, if you want to make a timer for a game you will need 2 command blocks (one adding to some scoreboard and the other to reset the loop) this could just be a one-block shop for this especially if you are in a tight space and cannot use Redstone.