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Spider Overhaul


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    And spiders should be able to leave cob webs in certain areas at certain times. It could make for a spawn-independant string farm, too.

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    They definitely need an update! They should also get the same abilities on bedrock that they have on Java. I think it would be cool if in future updates, they looked at spiders in respect to the nearly useless bane of athropods achievement. They are easy enough to eliminate without this enchantment and pose very little risks to the player. Perhaps more athropods/spiders + a more threatening spider in general could add a reason to get bane of athropods. The vertical climbing idea and suspending would be so cool to see in game.


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    Great idea! :)

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    There could even be a whole biome full of spiders, making bane of arthropods worth having in that particular biome.