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    Dude this a great idea! We need more secondaries in the game, I think this would totally spice up character classes.

    Here are some enchantment ideas I have for the boomerang!

    • RAMP UP : gains speed for deploying and movement when hitting targets. Each level increase the maximum speed you can archive.
    • PIERCING (like you added) : allows the boomerang to go through enemies dealing damage. Level 1 can go through 3 more enemies +1 or 2 for the next levels.
    • KNOCKOUT : Stuns the enemies hit with the boomerang. Each level increase the amount of time stunned.
    • PINBALL : Bounces between multiple enemies before returning (enemies must be close together to get hit), each level increases the amount of enemies hit.
    • DYNAMITE : Has a chance of a small explosion when hitting enemies. Each level increases the chance.
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    Yeah! I have some other ideas, such as:

    Curving- Moves in a rather wavy line rather than straight

    Homing- Homes in on nearby enemies

    Range- Increases the range of the boomerang (Duh)