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Cinder skeleton


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    IceBoi2956 commented
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    Awesome idea, but make them drop a new item, like Cinder Bones that can be used for fuel or something else valuable or helpful.

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    Allow me to rework the cinder here, sir.


    The cinder Is a new skeleton type that could spawn In besalt delta, who has 20 HP and Is fire resistant. The cinder could carry an Iron or stone sword, and could set you on fire upon hitting you..

    The cinder would sometimes spawn riding a wither skeleton horse, Or even spawn In groups, which leads to the appearance of cinder patrols, with any cinder with a banner being a cinder Captain, who has an additional 15 HP.

    The cinders could be capable of aiding wither skeletons by throwing a strength potion, while their withered counterparts could throw speed potions at the cinders.

    The cinder could drop bones (maybe charred bones for a new Item), around 1-3 of them, as well as 2-3 ashes (a new Item to upgrade Armor... Via attributes) and their sword. Which could make them pretty useful to hunt down and gives a reason to go to the besalt deltas. (there could be different types of ash to Improve armor, so I rest my case.)