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Islands Map DLC - Space Chaos


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    Ran out of room.

    Level 3 - O.S.S (Outer Space Station) - Pt. 2

    • As your pod docks into the O.S.S, you are ambushed by tons of mutant Astro-zombies.
    • Make your way through the O.S.S (Which is practically a maze), to get to the boss.
    • Boss: Horrific Hixeospue (Here's how you say it: Hix-e-o-spew)

    Boss - Horrific Hixeospue

    Phase 1:

    • Attack 1 - Laser Beams
    • Summons Mutant Mobs

    Phase 2:

    • The arena detaches from the O.S.S and Hixeospue expands the arena so you have to wait for when he runs out of energy, then use the floating pistons to bounce around and attack him for as long as you can before he is back into the battle.
    • Laser Beams, but they deal twice the damage.
    • Summons 3 times the mutant mobs with some Aliens.
    • Aliens - Shoots laser beams at you.

    After you defeat Hixeospue, the arena is self-destructing, so you have 1 minute to get to the spacesuits and jump out.

    Bonus Level - Outer Wonders

    • Explore space in all of its beauty
    • To get from place to place, use teleporters found on asteroids.
    • Fight Aliens


    • There will be items exclusive to this DLC decided by Mojang Studios.
    • Other Mobs will be decided by Mojang Studios.


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    Story: Begining + Levels 1 & 2

    A shard has flown all the way into outer space! Well... not exactly. An alien who was disguised as a human scientist found it on the ground in front of a launch center. Like the Arch-Illeger, he wasn't allowed in. He got corrupted by his greed and desired revenge! He took over the launch center, making everybody there into zombie scientist, that only work for him! He was a nice guy even for an alien, but there's no going back now...

    The Shard Tracker showed that a shard was over by the lab on another island, however... the tracker soon loses track of the shard. So you go over there to find a launch center. You realize that the shard went into space. However, you quickly find out that there are zombie scientists here. Whether you want to sneak around or attack is your choice. Once you get to the control panel, you turn on the launch sequence and race to the rocket before it launches.

    It seems like the course for the rocket was heading towards the I.S.S. You head there only to find out that it's been corrupted by the alien. The Astro-mobs await you, and they're NOT happy. It seems like the shard is not here, so to prevent the Astro-mobs from getting to earth, you turn on self-destruct mode, and rush to the escape pods.

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    Story: Level 3 + Bonus Level

    The course for the pod is the O.S.S. On your way there, you get ambushed by mutant mobs! It seems like the alien has been working. After you survived the ambush and head into the O.S.S, you head through it to fight the alien, which you learn his corrupted name. Horrific Hixeospue. After you get to him, you fight, only to be going farther & farther into space. While battling him,  the self destruct sequence activates, and you have just enough time to defeat him, put on the astronaut suit, and get out of there! From there, you can find your way to earth.


    You can explore space in all of its wonders. See the beautiful things of outer space. After all of your space adventure is done, you use the final teleporter to teleport back to the launch center.

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    What about amour, weapons, bows/crossbows, artifacts, cunsombols?