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Hostile mob despawning radius should be bigger than it currently is


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    giggidy45 commented
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    Since 1.16 has dropped my server has barely seen any overworld mobs spawn at all. On hard mode. The creeper farm has stopped producing ANYTHING. Traveling hundreds of blocks makes no difference. Nether spawns are fine, personal worlds are fine.

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    Arya Arya commented
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    Shrimp0Gawd commented
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    The despawning radius has been fitted to match up with the stimulation distance (4) issue; (In which mobs would spawn within the 44 - 45 block radius, and instantly despawn.) This new 'fix' is practically band-aided on! The transforming of villagers, breeding of open livestock, and the capture of mobs has been made nearly impossible! Mob farms have become  extreme hurdles to design. This was a poorly designed fix that needs to be addressed. Java parity of 128 block radius despawning would be highly appreciated and provide a much easier solution to troubles caused by the Bedrock 1.16 update. 


    Please Mojang! Let our voices be heard!!!!