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Islands Map DLC - Cloudy Clock & Chilly Cumulonimbus City


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    I just realized that the Islands Realm is a realm of smaller islands.

    Chilly Cumulonimbus City would be one of the levels in "Stormy Skies"

    Stormy Skies

    Level 1 - Storm Tower

    • Tower with Cloudy Zombies & Skeletons, along with Strays.
    • Cloudy - Anytime you get hit, your screen gets foggy.
    • Each floor has an ambush & puzzle to get to the next floor.
    • 10 Floors in total.

    Level 2 - Chilly Cumulonimbus City

    • Look in the post above.
    • You run around in the city looking for the exit.
    • Add in cloudy mobs.
    • The level ends by heading into a ginormous skyscraper.

    Level 3 - Stratus Skyscrapers

    • Takes place in Chilly Cumulonimbus City but inside the skyscraper.
    • Each floor is different, whether (No pun intended) it is a puzzle or ambush.
    • 20 Floors total (Not including the roof).
    • To get to the next floor, you need to head into the elevator.
    • Once you get to the roof, you walk precariously across a wooden plank that falls when you are in the cloud arena.
    • Here you fight the boss: The Dreadful Stratus

    Boss - The Dreadful Stratus

    • Made out of clouds
    • Attack 1 - Hail
    • Attack 2 - Lightning
    • Summons cloudy mobs
    • Attack 3 - Cloud Pound (Smashes down onto the cloud - affects the players on the cloud only).

    Cloud Arena: Cloud floor with some 1x4 ancient structure poking out of the cloud.

    Bonus Level - Aerial Astronomics

    • Contains bouncy clouds (Like the pistons) that are a blue-er white than the normal clouds.
    • When you bounce, hop, or fall you have low gravity.
    • Contains a race against time. You can get a reward based on your time.
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    A shard of the Orb Of Dominance has gotten to the cloud lands. It flew into a Stratus cloud, making everything cloudy, corrupted, and dreadful. The residents of Chilly Cumulonimbus City need your help.

    To get to the cloud lands, you need to head up a really tall tower. This tower used to be a nice relaxing area for tourists, and also a preparation center for the high altitudes and low oxygen. Now it has become the Storm Tower. This tower now generates horrible storms to the residents living on the island around the tower.

    After climbing the tower, you head to Chilly Cumulonimbus City. The city is abandoned, only inhabited by cloudy mobs, corrupted by the Dreadful Stratus, only wanting to maintain his power. The Dreadful Stratus has put cloud walls, cloud gates, cloud keys, and mist into the city, so it's a maze to get to his base.

    After navigating the maze of the city, you are in the Stratus Skyscraper. A 20-floor high skyscraper, with puzzles, ambushes, and more. It only gets more difficult from here. Once you get to the roof, you walk across a wooden plank that doesn't look like it'll last any longer. It drops. You fight The Dreadful Stratus. After that, you head down on a cloud slide back down to the island.




    Instead of going down the slide, you head to a cloud park called "Aerial Astronomics." All you do here is have a race against time for a reward, and have fun in low gravity jumps!

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    Also forgot to mention, when you are going through the maze, you find a piece of technology that allows you to track the rest of the pieces of the Orb Of Dominance. It's called the Shard tracker.

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    He what about a boss? You know a good one would be a stray and phantom hybrid. What I’m trying to say is a boss that can fly and scary.

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    Maybe one of the armours could be the already invented phantom armour.