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mobs that spawns other mobs


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    Evan Diaz commented
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    We already have Evokers who summon Vexs and the Wither that summons Wither skeletons. A new mob that does that would be nice too. Be more specific

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    PuffinRex commented
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    we already have evokers i guess

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    FaizKTG commented
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    There is also one more mob that does that other than evokers, which is the Zombie!

    on hard difficulty, a Zombie that's following you can call for reinforcement which spawns mobs very close to the Zombie! cool.

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    That just sounds like a spawner with extra steps

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    Clean Water commented
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    I think a neat way to interperat this would be a necromancer! A variant of the evoker which wears a hat and summons slightly smaller and weaker skeletons that don't have bows. They could look like this.