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    Additional stuff about the orb above his head:

    The orb itself is actually 2 textures: an outside cube and an inside one.  The outside one is a shell, with hollow parts to the inside, so in 3d it'd look like this:

    With the inner and outer cube colored so they're easier to see:

    The inner and outer orbs rotate around each other, spinning in random directions slowly.  The particles () that float around loosely orbit around the orb, floating behind when he moves like sparks from a fire.  When the Replicator does his magic, the particles all spiral towards the center, while the inner and outer cubes move faster and eventually line up like the above illustration when the spell is complete.  Then, the orb then splits into 2, like how a cell splits.

    The animation where the particles spiral around will play during the duration of the spell, and the splitting animation plays when it's complete.

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    Sorry for the late reply, but thank you!  It means a lot.