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feedback comment sorting

under review


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    You can sort by oldest to newest, or newest to oldest. :) Additional options are further down the priority list while we work on some of the longer-term bugs.


    Thanks for the suggestion, though! :)

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    Sorting by most voted would have the same problem as sorting by oldest, as the oldest comments usually get the most votes. Maybe there should be a default algorithm that mixes random comments with highly voted comments. In more detail, there will be a 50% chance for a specified comment to have high votes and a 50% chance for a specified comment to be randomly selected. That way, people don't ignore other comments while looking for highly voted ones.

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    I think comment sorting is also important because if we have ideas that are already similar to an existing post, we are supposed to add to it as a comment. But if we don't think the original post does our idea justice, we're not supposed to make a new one, which is understandable, but makes it less likely to be seen. For example, I like the way the Goats post is made, the post itself has no description, it just says "bring us goats". Everyone can say their ideas about goats in the comments, and they all get equal footing. Searching through the comments of a post in this sense would be good, to search through the ideas about goats themselves.