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Chickens Pluckable


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    John Forde commented
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    Yes, why do we have to kill chickens when we want a feather. Please make it possible that we can pluck feathers off chickens and not kill them in the future!



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    Warghost650 commented
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    Indeed, I’d like to have a less violent farm as well. XD My sheep and cows just chill together in my barn while my poor little oppressed chickens never know when they’ll inevitably cluck their last breath. I don’t think it helps when I explain to them it isn’t personal.

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    TnT edgell commented
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    Okay, so I get the idea but the idea could use a bit of polish. How would you know when a chicken could be plucked again? How do you know a chicken's been plucked? Think about this stuff as a suggestion. Other than that I love the idea you offered to us!

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    Didasa commented
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    That I really usefull. so its easier to get feathers without killing them

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    GONGBOLIN commented
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    Personally think that plucking less than 30 minutes will start to reduce the chance of feathers falling and increase the chance of damage to the chicken
    Milk may also cover the same concept and reduce the problem of bullying animals?
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    mitchel3535 commented
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    Could you use shears on them and feed them to regrow there feathers like sheep?

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    Max E commented
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    I think you should need to use shears or it would be to easy Think about it in large servers people would pluck every chicken they see and it would be ugly like when people cut one piece of wood out of a tree