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Staffs: New Ranged Weapon Suggestion


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    Enchantments shared with other weapons would be things such as chain reaction, gravity, rapid-fire, infinity, multishot, anima conduit, enigma resonator, exploding, poison cloud, and unchanting.


    New enchantment ideas:

    • Expulsion: 50/75/100% chance to remove enchantments on mobs for a short time (~3s)
    • Soul Channelling: Collecting souls increases fire rate.
    • Soul Torment: Collecting souls increases damage by a max of 50/100/150% for a short time.
    • Attraction: Projectiles have increased tracking to enemies.
    • Entanglement: Missed shots have a 20/40/60% chance to return to reserves.
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    As for unique staffs (I would not be mad if staffs only existed as unique items - they would feel much more special) here are some ideas I had - stats are ballpark figures:

    Winter's Sigil: projectiles slow enemies in an area and enemies are unable to use special abilities with this status effect. Icy/chilling theme.
    Heart of the Nether: Alight with blue soul fire, this staff's projectiles have a high chance to light enemies with soul fire which can burn nearby enemies. Increased soul gain rate. Chain reaction enchantment.
    Tempest's Wrath: projectiles have a chance to arc lightning between multiple enemies dealing low damage. Enemies hit by the projectile are weakened for a short time.
    Endercurse: Enemies below 20% health have a small chance on each hit to be teleported into the end, gone in a cloud of end particles (still drops loot of course). This does not (for obvious reasons) include end game bosses but has a 1% chance to work on 'mid-game' bosses such as Endermen, Redstone Golems, and Evokers at any health (mean you could technically kill them with one shot and a lot of luck. May sound OP but I have seen players one shot these enemies with regular weapons).
    Enderwish: If the player falls below 20% health, they will be teleported in a random direction 10 metres away from all hostile mobs( if within 10 metres of a mob). This can trigger every 5-10 seconds, but no sooner. Similar idea to final shout but with a different outcome.

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    • Graviton Reach: Defeated enemies have a 20% chance to create a singularity that traps nearby mobs for 3 seconds. Similar to gravity effect.
    • Staff of the Nameless One: Model, sound, and projectile designed after the one in-game, this staff has a 25% chance to summon a skeleton vanguard to fight for you for 30 seconds when taking damage. Only one vanguard can spawn at any time. Increased soul gain rate. This could be a unique version of a common Summoner's Staff, which may only spawn an armoured zombie - I mention the Summoner's staff specifically because I think they look and sound great, and we already have multiple weapons used by enemies available. I know some were disappointed that we could not use the Nameless One's staff, so bringing it back in a 'nerfed' way for players to use would be great.
    • Plague's Truth: Projectiles have a chance to form poisonous clouds that do extra damage to mortal enemies (i.e not undead).
    • Voidleaker: Projectiles have a high chance to unleash a rift between the void and the overworld, stunning and lightly damaging nearby enemies in an AoE knockback.
    • Mistral: A green glowing visual effect. This staff fires 3 projectiles which have a chance of high knockback and damage akin to torment quiver (though not as powerful).