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New "announced" tab and "under review" tab in Minecraft Feedback


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    We do have an announced items column on our top page - depending on how you arrived on the site you may not see it! We thought about adding an under review column on the other side, but the feedback community really wanted a place where random ideas could filter to the top. (Before we all go down that path, please know I know the algorithm can be better. I know.)

    Due to current software limitations, we don't have the ability to create an "announce-only" or "under review" category that's read-only.


    What you can do is use these links:


    Under Review (ignore the name of the url, all you coders out there can clearly see we had to work with some hardcoded stuff when we changed the tags to fit the site)

    As always I feel compelled to remind people that the word announced is reserved for things announced during events or through minecraft.net. We don't make announcements of features here, and things stay announced until such time they are either released or the team asks us to change the status to no longer planned. (You can't really unannounce something. :)

    Under review is just that. It is not a promise of future features, only that it has been discussed by the team. It is not an announcement or promise of future features. Some things have been under review for quite a while. We do not promise updates (so please don't ask), but when we have them they'll be provided!

    That said you can always sort each category to see the ones relevant to that category. Hope that helps.