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Bi-Weekly Short Dungeon Quest/Power Raise


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    Power lvl doesn't mean you got a efficent and speedy character at killing and moving. I don't think increasing the power lvl too often would be a good thing. It would be really hard to follow the power lvl increase for most people, feeling like the gear they got would be weak within a short period of time. I mean from your point of view winthin the next week you would be power lvl 111-112 and ask for another power lvl increase.

    That being said I don't mind having new dungeon(s), not too short though because it's boring.

    I would rather make the current maps better by:

    1. Making obsidian chest more random with a 100% chance to spawn to promote exploration.

    2. Add a Magic Find bar that fill up as you kill enemies to increase your magic find against the end boss of the map. That would be better for the health of the game instead of seeing people rushing chests and bosses without killing anything for the sake of efficiency. 

    3. Adding a way to start a map with a "Normal start" and a "Start with an random affix(es)" which would affect the current map difficulty and reward.

    4. Adding a vendor that "could" rarely spawn  winthin the map at random location(s) selling a few legendaries in exchange of emeralds. That also would promote exploration of the map instead of seeing people rushing the end of the map.

    5. More events could be added to promote killing and exploration in the future. For exemple, an unique pack of monsters or unique boss that spawn randomly (but rarely) in the map.