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Loot and items drops


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    I totally agree, looting and the looting system needs a rework. For example how you find loot is completely based on your weared power level, this means that if you wanna use items you like you need to equip trash item which happend to have highest power level before a load screen and then after that you can switch back to your preferable gear. Tedious and stupid.

    Unique items needs a rework too, they need to be more unique than their normal counter part. I found the Whirlwind double axe for example, and it only had a crappy Shockwave enchantment, what if it had a lvl 3 Swirling plus a 25% faster attack speed bonus? That would make it certainly alot better and fit the name "Whirlwind" too! Also give unique weapons little bit more base damage than the normal versions of them too.

    Also I feel that most unique items should have a totally unique bonus, maybe a Cursed Axe would have a unique bonus that increases the % chance of all enchantments by 30% or another item that doubles all effect durations, things like that would be really cool and fun but also rewarding to find.

    As a balance they could make these weapons rarer to find if needed.

    Also the enchantment "Looting" Should make so items has higher chance to drop aswell like in regular minecraft, as it is now it's pretty useless and I doubt anyone uses it.

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    I have put quite a lot of hours into Borderlands 3, and farming gear there was fun. I sometimes ran bored, but it went over again because I knew all the fun things I could do in that game.

    But for Minecraft Dungeons it's a real annoyance. I have run bored of the game honestly. For the last week or so I was first farming for a Renegade armor with double cooldown, but then switch to get battlerobe with double cooldown, but I have gotten none so far. I have probably gotten a few hundred battle robes so far that I have just trashed.

    Even though they shouldn't make farming too easily rewarding, they really should improve how it is now. A big mistake in looting games is to make the stuff people are looking for too hard and tedious to get, or you end up bored like me. All I want is to get what I have been farming for days and have some fun with it, but even that is too much to ask for.