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final boss damage


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    I'm fine with the final boss doing tons of damage, but the problem is that bosses use all their abilities at the start of the fight. I think bosses should start easy, then become more difficult as the fight progresses. To balance this out, bosses would also have more health.

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    LoganatorV commented
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    Use the shield totem, it blocks all lasers from the boss

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    Katszc commented
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    Learn his attacks and you'll eventually find that he's too easy. ;)

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    The bossfight really is ok. He does a lot of damage, but you can easily avoid it, with things (I don't want to spoil someone the fight). Also the boss don't have to much HP.

    The real problem is, that you can die through the boss after you've defeat him

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    Cru5herrrr commented
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    It is the final boss for a reason though. It challenges you to be more strategic rather than running straight in.


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    Diurl commented
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    I disagree. I beat the final boss on my first try (on all 3 difficulties too). You just have to find higher-level equipment, my guy.