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Minecraft Dungeons; Bosses need a cutscene


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    Rewelias commented
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    Great idea, but I think they are already planning to do it, it's more like end-dev stuff c:

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    CaliberPlex commented
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    The closest we have of this is the Nameless One's animation you have to sit through before starting the boss or the Arch-Illager's intro animation on entry of the final boss.

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    Elijah Wilson commented
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    Yes I agree! I think it would make the game feel more intense, and add a level of urgency and hype to the game levels.

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    Ferrex Inc commented
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    As long as they're skippable, I agree

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    Yoshi1123347 commented
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    I definitely think this is a good idea. I already have a couple of ideas of what it could look like. But sadly, I don't think they'll be happening anytime soon.

    For Bosses like Redstone Golem & Monstrosity...

    • Right before you enter a major boss section, it shows your character walking down on jumping onto the boss area. The Arch-Illiger shows up (maybe add a dialog?) and spawns the boss. The Boss gets angry, and starts charging towards you. Then the cutscene ends, and you go into battle.

    I just think this is a pretty cool idea.

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    DrJacko2114 commented
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    I agree with this. Mostly the Nameless One, Redstone Monstrosity, and this Mooshroom Monstrosity I've been hearing so much about. All three of these bosses are really well-designed and look great, and it's a shame that you don't get a better look at them. If not a whole cutscene, they should at least add a decently detailed animation (like the Nameless One when he rises after being summoned).

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    I haven't seen the other bosses yet, but they added a new animation after defeating the Wretched Wraith. He looks sad, and his crown is broken. Then he disappears. I'm pretty sure the other bosses have a new animation too =]