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Favorite items


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    Nina Abadaba commented
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    Agree but I would make a wheel option with that, so you can change it fast when playing so you do not need to open inventory every time

    That's from my post, because I did not see yours: 

    Favorite weapons/wheel

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    Tyralun commented
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    And it won't allow salvaging of those items

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    Nina Abadaba commented
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    Tyralun agree, with that, they could also add option salvage all and it would literary salvage all items that are not selected as favorite.

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    David Wilder commented
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    Thanks for posting this! I was just about to :)

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    Brin Zalazar commented
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    Absolutely, I would call this locked item, but favorite makes since. :)

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    Hohzaye commented
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    Mass salvage, and sorting items by name so artifacts are more easy to salvage etc. 

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    FragTrain660 commented
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    they could also make it so you can sell all your not favorite items with the press of a botton

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    DrJacko2114 commented
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    I also had this idea. My thought was to have a new tab labeled "favorites": if you have multiple sets and combinations of gear and artifacts, as favorites tab you save the time of trouble of having to scroll through all your melee weapons, armors, ranged weapons, and artifacts.