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Damage Per Second Meter


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    We need this. My current way of knowing if it is worth switching weapons is recording my screen with OBS, then cutting the footage to 1 second (during max attack speed/rate) and looking frame by frame how many times it hits for how much damage. This is way too tedious to do regularly and is the main reason why I almost never switch my weapon.

    I beg you, take this into consideration. If you don't want to swap out the damage with DPS (which I can understand) then make it an option to switch between the two. Or add as suggested, a meter. (In my opinion, the best way of implementing this feature is to only show DPS when you hit the dummies at Camp by default, and also add the option to change it during gameplay via settings.)

    I hope this post explodes as more and more people get the game, right now none of the suggestions are under review :(

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    Agreed, but the mystery is kinda nice. because it leaves people to choosing what they like instead of just going by metrics like WOW which then limits to only 1 or 2 weapons.