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Demo Version for Minecraft Dungeons


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    I feel like there shouldn't be a timer, as it can be very restricting on what you might do

    On the other hand, a definite YES for limiting levels.

    Demo Could Include:


    • Squid Coast
    • Creeper Woods
    • Creepy Crypt
    • Difficulty - Only Default 1 - 7 or a (a = Highest Difficulty Number at the moment)

    And if you do decide to buy the game, your data from the demo should pass over to the full version.

    Why? Because what if you grind for 10 something hours, and then you have to restart all of that over?

    No Weapons, No Armor, No Artifacts, No Levels, Nothing. All of that time and effort wasted.

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    • squid coast
    • creeper woods
    • creepy crypt
    • pumpkin pastures
    • soggy swamp

    you would need to buy the full game for arch haven and soggy cave

    also data should transfer

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    For demo: only squid coast and creeper woods

    Max player level is 6.

    Demo time is 40 minutes.

    Your items and player level transfers when you buy the game.

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    This is a great idea, because I want to check if my PC can run this and I can't check unless if I buy it.