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Stray dogs


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    Bojayzee commented
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    Such a good idea. This would be a really good addition to the game. The herding livestock (cows, sheep) is a REALLY good idea, definitely voted. 

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    Ebony Simpson commented
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    This is a great idea just wish more people could see it and than it would definitely get thousands of votes. I have voted

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    I like this idea, except for having then spawn in abandoned villages. They're hard to find when you're looking for them. I'd rather have them spawn in a happy place, like birch forest, or snowy tiaga, but now that I think about it, breeds of dogs wouldn't all be in the same place naturally, so have them coordinated by reigon. :)

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    Leeli Igiby commented
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    "Instead of having default skins like the stray cats in Minecraft, stray dogs would have randomly generated looks. The nose color, dog size, coat color, coat length, and eye color would all be randomly generated."

    Ooh, I love this!! And they could totally do that, I'm sure, considering what they did with the Tropical Fish in the 1.13 Aquatic Update. This is a fantastic Idea and I love it! Would all the dogs be wolf-shaped (but of course have different color combinations and whatnot) or would they be different shapes too?

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    @Leeli Igiby I was thinking that all the dogs would have different shapes to make them more diverse.

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    Having stray dogs would be fun it would be like rescuing But we should have dog bowls because then we would have to feed them often if we don’t feed them they will die