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Link Dungeons To Java Launcher


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    TerezT6913 commented
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    i dont know how plausible this but i think you should use your mojang account and not your microsoft account to log into mincraft dungeons

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    Lord Nonno commented
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    @TerezT6913 yes, you are right. it would be much easier. but using the microsoft servers is easier instead of buying multiple servers for a new game. so i think they chose that and used the microsoft account system to make it easier.

    And thank you for replying to the post!

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    Br Al5229 commented
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    Yes, it would be so convenient for both to be together. also it could even take up less space. i dunno.

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    REALDarkBrave commented
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    This would be a great fix for what we have right now (two seprate launchers). I also agree that they should make dungeons for Mojang accounts and not Microsoft/Xbox accounts, but this would be the best fix.

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    Basticam commented
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    And the version of dungeons of windows 10

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    MikulGamour commented
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    TerezT6913 While it would seem better on the surface to have MC Dungeons linked to a Mojang account, keep in mind that:

    • MC Dungeons is also on consoles, Xbox Game Pass, and the Microsoft Store. It's really only the PC version that could get away with using a Mojang account
    • Having all versions use your Microsoft account would lead to much easier cross-platform support in the future
    • Moving to Mojang accounts would probably delete everyone's character data that's stored on Microsoft's servers