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    zomboii2467 commented
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    trades buy and sell

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    asoulspark commented
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    Not clear how the command would work. Add trades to a villager? Or define trades that players could use? Sorry, didn't get it

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    Andre Chen commented
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    You're going to have to be a little more specific with what you want to be added into the game.

    Also why are there brackets? This isn't NBT or JSON.

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    It should probably be: /tradewith <Target> <sell> <sell_count> <buy> <buy_count> 

    <sell> is what you want to sell to <Target>.

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    PuddingMixxx commented
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    Unthinkable9116 i think that is a good idea.

    Whoever made this has a good idea and I think this should be a bit easier: /trade <whotoask> <block or item> <number of it max=32> <for ask> 

    And then after that is done the receiving player does /tradegive <theitemorblock> <amount> <sayresponse=trueorfalse>

    Then the trade is done!