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Redstone dust should Connect to Pistons like in Bedrock


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    While I primarily play Bedrock and appreciate features like this, changing the way redstone dust connects to pistons will break thousands of contraptions where redstone dust intentionally runs next to a piston without powering it. If some people are already getting upset about them changing the dot to a cross, there will be a riot by the redstone community if this was changed.

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    INEDEBEKFEST commented
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    Do not do this. This would break nearly every single redstone build that requires pistons. There would be such an outrage.

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    I play both java and bedrock and do Redstone in both and I think that this would be an amazing thing to add to minecraft.

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    tryashtar commented
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    Bedrock should change so that redstone doesn't connect to pistons. It doesn't connect to lamps, why should it connect to pistons? They changed established mechanics for no reason and should change them back.