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ruined portal relation whit others


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    Ben Nocturne commented
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    Could be worded better, but exactly what I had in mind.

    ...in fact, since I definitely want this to get more votes, can I help you reword it? Since I don't think one can reply to comments, I'll just give my suggestion:

    Title: Ruined portals correspond with counterparts

    Description: Ruined portals should generate with identical counterparts in the nether, at corresponding locations (and orientations). If you repair and activate a ruined portal, the frame of the corresponding portal is repaired and activated.

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    cranzag commented
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    Also, similar to how Ruined Portals in the Overworld have nether terrain generated around it, Ruined Portals should have overworld terrain generated around them, allowing for a chance to find Overworld materials as well as know where they connect to.