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/setidletimeout or /setafktime for Realms & Single player worlds


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    I don't understand why this doesn't have 1000 votes.

    I just got a new realms, but now I think I'm already gonna cancel my subscription. You can't step away from your keyboard for 5 minutes. It's super annoying and unnecessary.

    I don't see why a compromise can't be met. Like the default is x amount of minutes, but you can change it to a maximum x amount of hours. Something that makes both parties happy.

    Allows players to step away for a minute, of leave the game running for a while and still have ample time to get back and resume.

    An example for me is I help someone with minecraft who streams and I like to be in the world to help, but I also type up a list of instructions for him to read. Having a realms would make much more convenient for the both of us than it being hosted on an xbox. But that convenience gets taken away when he can't read for minute or interact with stream without getting booted.

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    If you hold right click on a door or a trapdoor and press F3+T, then let go when the mojang screen pops up, you should be opening and closing the trapdoor without pressing anything on your keyboard. This should allow you to go AFK without getting kicked out, becuase the game doesn't realize that you're AFK since you're opening a trapdoor.