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Better witches


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    Xbox Kitte commented
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    Like a swamp update?

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    Im all in for a better witch hut

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    shannon whyte commented
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    Ya, like a swamp update, but maybe the witch hut could appear in other biomes too, just with a different block palette

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    I like the witch hat feature.

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    At firist i was thinking that too OP, but to wear a witch hat, you would have to remove your helmet, sacrificing armor points for an effect like the elytra. i like this idea

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    Additionally to this Witch update, it could feature several new ideas.

    • Become friends with a witch by giving them X amount of resources. When you become passive with them, each empty bottle you give them will become a random potion.
    • Witches can use full cauldrons to fill empty bottles with water
    • If you anger a witch, the weather changes to a storm, with severe lightning strikes.
    • Hitting a witch with a snowball deals significant damage
    • If a witch is in a body of water, the water could become toxic, producing effects such as blindness, slowness or instant damage. 
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    Lucas Ramos commented
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    it would be nice to have several hats with a stripe of different color representing the potion he will give the effect

    example: red stripe = strength, cyan stripe = speed, green stripe: jump

    the hat would have the same defense as the leather helmet and would have a 5% chance of the witch dropping

    it would also be nice to add the witch's broom which would be mega rare and you could fly across the map, it would last a little while making the item less appealing

    and it could be more of a type of witch hut, making the game more interesting, because even if they update I think it would be boring to find the same type of hut all the time