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Fairy Shrine


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    Simon Hess commented
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    I hope this makes birch forests useful.

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    DrPlatipi commented
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    This reminds me of the great fairy shrines in breath of the wild, great idea!

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    I like this idea but the end goal leaves a little to be desired. Most players can get an enchanted golden apple from a loot chest in a dungeon. For me to use this I would have to have more of an incentive. For example what are fairies known for?
    A. They are mischievous
    B. They use all sorts of magic.
    C. they are known to hoard all kinds of treasure.
    So how do we transition this in Minecraft? First of all we need two-a-day concept of danger. Don't step in the fairy ring. A ring of white mushrooms text crime. Second if the player achieves three goals a book will appear on the shrine. This book will not just be an enchantment book this would be a book that could contain all enchantments for use and reuse.hanjin being able to activate enchantments just by reading them all from a book. And finally underneath the shrine once the book has been claimed a crystal chest appears containing an elytra and 12 resonating crystals that could be used to craft end portal blocks.