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Blocks of coal within Nether fossils


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    I really like this idea. It makes sense and it's practical.

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    Yeah I also recommend that they just make the nether fossils the same as the ones that generate in the overworld. This creates a cool lore as well as better looking fossils to come accross. The coal is needed because theres no other reason to go into soulsand valley.

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    Klem0077 commented
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    I was also thinking like, since we know fossils are in the nether, it makes sense that ores are there. If not coal blocks then nether ore, that drops coal similair to how gold ores drop nuggets.

    I think that making the nether a cooler place for mining would be super cool. It also gives the nether some more longevity, and gives you less reason to leave. I think making the nether a self sufficient place just aw man, the story vibes. the story vibes