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Using a feather on a baby panda will cause it to sneeze.


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    cateysmarts commented
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    its a small thing and whould not afect anything but it whould be a nice little addition

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    l33t Cooki3 commented
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    This would be a great little addon.

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    AtomicFire8 commented
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    You are a horrible person. Although, you have my vote! XD

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    But we should have to be holding the feather in our hand just so we don't have farms popping up and to make it balanced

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    Maybe the feather would get used up? No one would want to use a slimy feather! This would also be a slight nuisance, unless you have a good farm. This would make using a Dispenser more balanced. Also, why not have Paper, when used on a Baby Panda or dispensed onto it, so the same thing? It would also get used up, because no one wants to use a used tissue to craft Rockets or Books.

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    apitofanxiety commented
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    that sounds so cute omg

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    The cooldown probably wouldn't have to take too long. there are much more effeicient slime farms, and the baby wouldn't stay a baby forever.