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Tall Striders


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    Ecopian commented
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    Also it shares another viewpoint to the nether, and provides more opportunities to get off onto nether masses that are just above the lava.

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    At first, I was a little disappointed to not see tall and lanky, alien mobs waddling through the magma lakes. That being said, I really like the fact that the way they "stride" through the lakes is due to what I can only assume to be bits of netherite glued to their stumps. 

    But also, I think a brood mother-esque, mega tall style strider or just another mob with big long legs would be really neat and I want to see it now. 

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    Onni Mustonen commented
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    This could be also implemented like this:
    Putting a saddle 2< stacked striders and using fungus-stick would move the lowest one making striders more fun.

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    cranzag commented
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    They could either be really tall walking on the lava or have really tall legs underneath the lava