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Texture change for Endstone


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    i don't really see Endstone as a shade of green. I always thought they were more bright yellow-white-ish.

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    I don’t like the current yellowish end stone either. I would prefer to have a white version of it, it would look like the surface of the moon. That fits better with the dark sky, the endermen, the obsidian and purpur structures. Also, this “whitestone” would allow to make white bricks, and I think people will like to use it (at least more than the yellow endstone bricks).

    I would be OK with a replacement but I also thought: what if there were more than one type of endstone? It would add some variety to the End, which is the only dimension where only one type of block makes the ground. It would allow to keep the yellow endstone fore nostalgic people, and add other colors, for example pale green. I would like pale or pastel green because we don’t currently have any block of this color in the game. I don’t think colored end stone blocks should generate in chunks, I would rather see different areas / islands / biomes and why not some zones where they are blending together like paint.

    Anyway, here are pictures of what other end stone colors could look like. I compared white and green variants to the original.