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Infinity Arrow Redesign


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    I have seen this idea before (but not on this website), and I agree. Infinity arrows should definitely be distinct from normal arrows in some way. One idea I have is making the actual arrow invisible, but overlay where the arrow would appear to be with an enchantment glint. This means you would be shooting arrows made of enchantment glint.

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    FatalAcacia commented
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    Green Lantern anybody?

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    Komikozzy commented
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    I never thought about them being magical arrows before. I think this should be added. Good idea.

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    Judah Witte commented
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    That would be very cool! Sadly I use crossbows and mending instead of infinity for a few certain reasons. Maybe the arrows should also shatter after hitting something? 

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    I agree. While it may not sound like much, it would be help level the playing field with players who have infinity bows. Sometimes in a fight, you want to wait out a player to let them run out of arrows, but you can't always tell. Learning about your opponents strengths is part of combat.