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Warped Striders


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    Nathan Lewis commented
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    Maybe they could also be slower in lava. So the normal striders have the lava advantage, but the warped striders have the high ground, the advantage on land.

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    GoodLoveSofy commented
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    If a Strider isn't in the lava, It trasform in a Warped Strider. They are aggressive

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    They should instead have a blue color scheme,

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    Goog Gooy commented
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    The warped striders and the normal striders could growl at each other and be territorial and attack the other kind if they are on their land.

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    Warped strider that get in lava should have some sort of up and down movements animations which indicates that they're are feeling really hot in there.. and they are trying to avoid lava.

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    Njorixe commented
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    Maybe they could be like more aggressive Endermen, stalking around looking for prey like the Striders in Half-Life, intimidatingly walking high above your head (or similar).

    (Strider from Half-Life)