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(20w13a) Tamable Striders


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    TheGamerguy16 commented
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    Yeah, I'm afraid mine might despawn after a while.

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    Goog Gooy commented
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    im happy with how theyre controlled

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    I personally think this is a great idea, but you should be able to put horse armour on them or another armour entirely

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    Landen Burns commented
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    I agree with Goog Gooy, Another thing, I don't think it would be called taming.  I do see this in the game's future tho

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    Njorixe commented
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    I personally think that Striders shouldn't be tamable, to keep the rebellious feel of the Nether.

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    FHB0TD commented
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    I love the feel of them being like pigs, it's a way to get across lava but it's not good.
    Also makes the "lava boat" feature usefull but not a great way to travel any distance