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Expand Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS) Configuration/Customization Options


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    GHosaPhat commented
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    While I, personally, may or may not make use of all or any of these options, I feel they would offer BDS administrators more control over their server environment, as well as potentially enhancing the quality of experience for the players on that server. Additionally, some of the suggested settings may be useful in troubleshooting issues such as lag.

    To that end, here are a couple of other options for the server.properties file that I imagine would be welcome by BDS admins:

    • allow-nether - Allow players to construct Nether portals to travel to the Nether
    • allow-end - Allow players to travel to the End
    • generate-structures - Defines whether or not structures such as villages are generated in the world
    • spawn-<mob type> - Defines whether or not certain types of mobs (animals, monsters, NPC's) can spawn in the world (perhaps this could be implemented as a single allow-spawns option with a value of either "all" or a pipe-delimited or JSON-formatted list)
    • logging-level - Provides options for the verbosity of logs from bedrock_server.exe

    *Where available, I took the descriptions from the Minecraft Wiki and condensed them to fit within the posting limit.

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    We need too :
    Like java
    /Ban-ip [or]
    /Pardon (optional name /unban )
    /Whitelist {add|remove }
    /Whitelist list (show players on whitelist)
    /Whitelist {on|off}
    And specific to bedrock
    /Ban-os (ban a type of os)
    /Ban-ipt (ban a type of input (controller/screen touch/keyboard)
    But if a player are In the whitelist he can ignore the ban OS and ban input

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    Lili5510 commented
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    There should be a configuration that enables coordinates. Something like the statement below would suffice:

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    GHosaPhat commented
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    Foxwastaken9723 - Thanks for the support. I agree that those commands would be tremendously helpful to have available, however they aren't "configuration settings", per se. They could interact with the configuration settings outlined above - for example, the /ban and /pardon commands could add or remove users to/from the blacklist I referred to.

    What I'm proposing here are settings preparing the BDS environment before the server is launched - i.e, should the server use or ignore the blacklist (I imagine a new blacklist.json file would be necessary)? Again, the commands you mentioned would "tie in" to these settings and possibly be able to modify them at run time, but might require a "reload" and/or server restart to apply the changes.

    Again, while I may or may not make use of them, I can understand wanting to disallow clients using a certain OS/platform or input method. Perhaps create a setting in the server.properties file as allowed-platforms/allowed-inputs where the values are either a pipe-delimited list or simply "all".

    One thing to note: The whitelist commands you mentioned are mostly already implemented in the console with the exception of whitelist {on|off}. whitelist {add|remove} updates the whitelist.json file in the server's directory (which, as I stated above, I'd like to be able to change with a command-line argument). The whitelist list command outputs a JSON string to the console that includes the players currently in the whitelist.json file.

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    GHosaPhat commented
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    Lili5510 - Thanks for the support. I can't believe I didn't think of that option myself. An excellent addition to the list.

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    GHosaPhat commented
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    Another option to consider is based on the BDS-1094 bug report regarding the additional, "random" ports that are opened at BDS startup. I'm not sure what this feature would be since I'm not sure what the intended purpose of these "extra" ports is, but having a setting to provide some control over this would be a good addition to the server.properties file.

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    Fadol Lilahi commented
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    Aim is server

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    Miner7493 commented
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    Some things that should be added to this post...

    Add the support the feature that is in bedrock already wsserver so we could make discord chat bots, the abillity to use varables in commands, make shop systems so players without op can execute commands.

    It is refrenced in 

    Add back the /transferserver command