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    ToxicShourin commented
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    This would be more for a realm owner. Not mojang. Anyone can theme their realm as wanted. Hints why 2b2t is mostly for adults. But anyone can join.

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    TSCreeper7946 commented
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    What do you mean ,are you finding realm codes online? Realms are for a group of friends that want to play when ever THEY ARE NOT SERVERS ok? buy a realm and do what you want

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    All that would be required is to add a language toggle option that when enabled it prompts the realm initial creator to set a password that is required to lift it at any time. Or can be set by realm owner status anytime thereafter. Working similarly as the prompt for setting a password. That would serve the unaware parent should they not realize but catch their kid using foul language all they'd have to do is be smart enough to look the settings for a language filter option.


    It would serve even those who typically prefer no censorship a temporary nerfing of a crap attitude by the realm owner that would work as a filter to the negative speech leaving the key communications sprinkled within the speech of someone who is raging. 

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    You... you do realize you don't have to invite kids to your realm, right?