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(Soul Sand Valley mob) Soul Creeper


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    Oskar Lehrman commented
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    The soul creeper could be awesome, when it explodes, it could send up a blue cloud of smoke, and it could send out netherite scraps flying in all directions (just like shrapnel), and it could be a new way to get netherite scraps in Survival Mode, if you survive! And if you use shears on it, it will turn into a normal creeper, and drop soul sand or soul soil, and can drop gunpowder, netherite scrap, and soul sand or soul soil. And RedKnight404, if you're reading this comment, the soul of the creeper could go around and tell ghasts and skeletons that you're in the area and bring them to your location (if you are still in the soul sand valley by then)!

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    I think the Soul Creeper should have its own unique texture, rather than that of Soul Sand or Soul Soil. Other than that, I think this is an absolutely incredible idea!