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Piglin Breeding


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    ronnoc329 commented
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    I have to agree with this.

    Also Piglins that wander into other dimensions, or spawn zombified, should be able to be cured with weakness and golden apple (or carrot?) and then permanently have the immune to zombification tag.

    Parents being able to pass this on, like fox breeding.

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    I Like this Idea, but I think it should be more complicated than just giving piglins pork chops. Maybe between normal mob breeding and villager breeding?

    Maybe Piglins would need any meat (with pork chops being the best) to be willing to breed, and have bartered recently (gold ingot in its inventory) and willingness would be he probability of a piglin breeding?

    1 porkchop would increase willingness by F 20 (food ten), any other meat items would increase willingness by F 10, gold ingots would increase willingness by G 20 (gold 20), gold nuggets would increase willingness by G 2, carrots would increase willingness by F 2, golden carrots would increase willingness by G 30 and F 30, and any other food item would decrease willingness by F 10 and be immediately eaten. 

    when a piglin's inventory food is greater than F 50, the piglin will have a 50% chance of breeding with another willing piglin (willingness would need to be greater than 50% for breeding to be possible). all food in the piglin's inventory will be eaten even if the piglin does not successfully breed.

    When a piglin's inventory gold is greater than G 50, it will have a 50% chance, with everything being the same as food, except only half of a piglin's gold will be consumed.

    If a piglin's inventory is greater than F 50 and G 50, then a piglin will breed with any other willing piglin, and consume half of its food and 1/4 of its gold.


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    why did you make the example be porkchop if they are porkchops