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Different piglin groups carrying different banners


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    ZealisRealYT commented
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    Piglin cults?

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    Dester32 commented
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    This would also include pillagers and sometimes they wage war against each other's clans.

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    IcyMOTOGAMING commented
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    igor novelli commented
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    Why not differ races-society of piglins?

    Like Red, blue, black and so on, each one with different behaviour and technological level, from nomadic hunters to feudal, some races could have his own structures like villagers and pillagers

    Some society could have his own professions and working stations, that differ from villagers

    Some could even have control over nether portals with fortress that generate both in nether and the overworld (that races must have overworld immunity or have some artifacts that protect them from become zombies)

    It could be a sort of inerdimensional invasion (the great tusks empire)