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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Pillager Fortress


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    Joseph Rahner commented
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    P.S. Yes I know some of the ideas I have stated such as the anti beacon are already posted, I am simply using those as a reference, and the hope that if those are added on this will be added on as well using those as building blocks. Just like many other things on here use other ideas or things already existent within Minecraft as their own building blocks. This not meant as a way for me to add my own ideas to how these other ideas should work. I'll be putting those on the actual posts for those ideas. Anyways I think this would be a pretty cool rare find.

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    Devon Eckley commented
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    I really like this idea, however instead of just having it be a pillager fort since we already have pillager towers, I think it would be great to make it an illager fort that includes all of the illagers. This  would include pillagers, vindicators, witches, ravagers, and rarely evokers. And for the anti-beacon, or de-con, I figure that it could simply work by only affecting the player and not hostile mobs when it is naturally generated, until the player has harvested it and placed it themselves, then it will affect hostile mobs and not the player. Otherwise, wonderful idea, I support it all the way! Perhaps it could be an uncommon structure in mountain biomes, I feel like that would be cool.

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    Joseph Rahner commented
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    Devon Eckley, yeah I think an all around fortress would work. When it comes to the rarity I would think ot would probably go somewhere in this order:
    Or something like that. I do still believe pillagers should be the most common when it comes to the fortress, but the others being there also sounds quite interesting. The only question I have now is what should the fortress be made out of and what would power an anti beacon. One thing to consider when discussing this is how rare this structure will be in comparison to the items found within it, and the blocks it's made of.

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    Illager(definion): A desendent of Piller or Eve.  All pillagers and evokers are illagers.

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    Evokers should be commen, given the fact that they are cousins. (Piller and Eve were twins).