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Baiji in Rivers


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    I like that

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    kai dong commented
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    It should be very rare.


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    TheFeline23 commented
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    Considering this is quite literally the world's rarest animal, I'd love it if there was only around 10 of these on a map (could be changed in config if the player wants to find more/less of them tho), and the player would get a benefit for finding them. Perhaps if they were to be fed fish they could give the player experience points and a few items, they would only be able to give the bonus once. If the player can unite two Baiji they will eventually produce a baby (no breeding required, they do it on their own, but they only do it if there's no other baby Baiji around.) and the player will be rewarded an achievement called "Preserving the Species", which comes alongside a hefty experience bonus.

    Having this animal in the game would bring so many bonuses, you get to add the world's rarest animal, increase the biodiversity in rivers (which sorely need something interesting), increase the number of Asian animal species in the game (which is a bit lacking IMO, especially considering the diversity of the continent), and you get more aquatic animals, which we can always do with.