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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Extreme hills villages


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    DartMNKY commented
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    Sound like it has good potential!

    Some things I would like to add are: 

    • Bridges to connect separated mountains.
    • Naturally spawning snow golems (Because it snows on tall mountains).
    • The villages would use redstone torches instead of regular ones not to melt the snow (or any light source that doesn't melt snow such as blue torches). 
    • Llama farms. 
    • Lastly, a feature where you can take snow in a bucket, and when you put it on a furnace or campfire, it turns into a water bucket. This would explain how the villagers get water and gives a reason for them not to melt the snow. 
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    It definitely makes since because emeralds spawn a lot more in extreme hills

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    Gina Pezzell commented
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    Emeralds ONLY spawn in extreme hill biomes and villages so a mine is another good idea for this concept.

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    Blue torches do not fit their biome and redstone torches emit too weak light. This would lead to monsters spawning inside their houses and kill the villagers.

    Instead, I created a fine lamppost. It is cobblestone block, on the cobble block is a cobblestone wall and there is a regular torch on the wall. It gives off a great light and doesn't melt the snow, if you want the snow not to melt.

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    Si1ent EagIe commented
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    I would like to see a more advanced village of some sort on the side of the hills in the extreme hills biome. Kinda like you may have to work your way up to the village and when your there you can explore a little town that is a little noted advanced then a normal village you would find.